Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | January 18, 2011

New Zealand -Zorbing!

Alongside of bungy jumping, the pavlova and the sweeb, sits another New Zealand invention -the Zorb! Invented over 14 years ago, the zorb is a very large plastic globe -basically you get plonked inside, and rolled down a rather large hill -wet or dry!  Although, the company has taken their ‘globe riding’ international, Rotorua -as the first, and still one and only Kiwi zorbing site -retains its status as Zorb Capital of the World. There is an urban myth that if you zorb naked, you zorb free -but that’s between you and them!

Here’s what Elizabeth, Sam and Jaime thought of zorbing –

Zorbing in Rotorua, NZ, was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I admit the idea of rolling down a hill in a giant inflated ball filled with water in the dead of winter with two other girls sounded daunting at first, but the second Samantha, Jaime, and I started off the top I knew I had found something great. In the 13 seconds it took us to slosh down that hill we screamed, we laughed, and we smacked each other in the face. I could never have imagined how much fun we’d have. After our first time was over, the gorgeous guys that work at the Zorbing place let us go a second time for free. We were soaking wet and freezing, but we immediately said yes. Definitely yes. The second time down was even more fun than the first. I could have Zorbed all day. We all loved it. I’m so glad we got to experience such a fun and unique activity.



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