Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | October 19, 2010

Coober Pedy -Australia

How many of you remember the often stark backdrops in such films as Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, Red Planet and Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Many of those vistas were supplied courtesy of Coober Pedy, a small township in North South Australia. Most famously known as the Opal Capital of the World, and for its intense heat that has driven many of its inhabitants to live underground, Coober Pedy lies on the Stuart Highway about halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs, so it’s a natural stopping off point for those who want to explore the Australian Outback.  That’s how we regarded it when we visited for the first time -a one night only chance to sleep underground and rest up before driving onto Uluru.  But not any more, it’s worthy of a longer stay, a chance to try your hand at noodling or fossicking for opals, to explore the underground architecture or maybe to travel out to the Painted Desert. The old argument of journey versus destination comes into play here; if you yearn to visit Uluru but consider the drive too arduous, think again -there’s plenty to see on the way and stop-overs that are destinations in their own right.


Saved from being an eagle's dinner!

On the wall of our hotel room

They suck the opals out of the ground!


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