Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | August 25, 2010

Bridge climb & Bungy Jumping -Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks to Chris, who recently travelled on one of our study abroad tours, for sharing his Bungy Jumping off Auckland Harbour Bridge experience with us; and Chris, the photo looks like a dive to me!  –

“Bungy jumping is one way to get your adrenaline running.  I was filled with fear, yet excited to bungy jump.  Climbing up the Auckland Bridge seemed like an never ending process.  As we climbed, we just kept going up.  I was thinking, when are we going to stop!  As soon as I thought we were done, we had to climb up narrow stair to get to the bungy platform. I had to tip toe up because my whole foot would not fit on a stair.  That part was a little scary because if I lost my balance I would have fallen backwards onto others.  I figured people would be crying and not wanting to bungy jumping after standing on the ledge.  But that was not the case. My nerves were getting to me.  I tried not to think about it since some of the other students who went on the study abroad trip were bungy jumping after me. I didn’t want to freak them out.  My number was called. You definitely could tell the look of fear in my eyes.  I thought it was nerves, but it was fear.  Absolute fear, yet I kept telling myself I could do this…I did it about 7 years ago.  They strapped me into the bungy gear and I made sure it was tight. Everyone has asked me, “Aren’t you afraid the bungy rope is going to tear?”  I felt confident I was safe and secure. Plus there was a sign that no one has gotten hurt from bungy jumping at the Bridge.  I guess that made me feel somewhat safe.  Yet again, I thought maybe they just put that sign up…What if…nah! Well…then it was my turn.  I took small steps to the ledge, tried not to look down, and heard they count off 1…2…3…I was going to dive, but hell I just bent my knees and jumped off.  I did it!  I even almost touched the water…Some bungy jumpers actually went into the water.  It was super scary, but I SURVIVED!  Walking down the bridge was nothing after that!”


Go Chris!

There he goes....


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