Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | May 13, 2010

Alice Springs Reptile Centre

As already mentioned, Mike and I don’t only organise holidays and tours of New Zealand, we also take groups and book holidays for clients, to other regions of the South Pacific -such as Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu etc. Last week we made a ‘quality control’ visit to Aussie -driving from Adelaide via Uluru to Alice Springs, then flying to Sydney and home. Today, I want to mention Alice Springs Reptile Park and our visit there.

Australian snake

Nadia and her friend

I don’t like ANYTHING that slithers -this is one of the (many) reasons why I live in New Zealand -NO SNAKES!  From the outside, the Reptile Centre looks fairly uninspiring, indeed, we almost made the decision not to check it out. The truth is, that with so many ‘high-tech’ and ‘designer’ tourism facilities and attractions out there, it is very easy to overlook the Plain Janes.  That would have been a mistake for us and a mistake for you too, if you are looking for a very affordable and informative way to kill an hour in the Northern Territories.

They have a great collection of everything reptilian and snakey, and Nadia (shown in the photo) put on a wonderful ‘show’ for a group of us -to say nothing of trying her best to help the more phobic audience members (myself included). She was funny, informative, and made sure all willing participants got the chance to handle her python and lizard friends.

Both Mike and I enjoyed it very much -in a gross sort of way and although she didn’t succeed in getting any of those creepy crawlies near me-maybe next time Nadia!

Australian lizards

Now these are cute!




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