Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | April 18, 2010

Ziptrek -Queenstown

Queenstown has long been known as the Adventure Capital of New Zealand and, as the birth mother for bungy, deservedly so.  Like much of New Zealand, Queenstown holds all year round appeal -the lake, the mountains, the rivers and rapids, the great vineyards, all offer constant recreational activities whatever the season. One of the latest additions to this ever-growing list of things to enjoy in Queenstown is Ziptrek Ecotours.  When offered the chance to try it out, Mike didn’t hesitate -he’s piloted, parachuted, paraglided to name but a few -heights don’t worry him!  Ziptrek is basically a series of 4  flying foxes or ziplines. that travel tree observation  platform to tree observation platform, starting and ending at Bob’s Peak.  You’re harnessed in, and gravity takes care of the rest! You can move around at will within the harness, so if you want to ‘zip’ upside down, go for it. Each tour takes 2 hours and the accompanying guides provide ecological and environmental information about what you see around you.  Mike enjoyed it, the views were spectacular, and would recommend it as a great family activity (providing littlies are older than 7) but not for “adrenalin junkies”.  I think that’s fair enough, quite frankly there’s plenty of gut-wrenchingly scary stuff to do in and around Queenstown already and it’s nice that Ziptrek is there to provide adventure for the fainter hearted (or sensible depending on your POV).  The photo of the show-off is courtesy of the Ziptrek website .


Ziptrek Ecotours Queenstown NZ 10


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