Posted by: kiwitravelandtours | April 13, 2010

Hot Tubs Omarama

A few weeks ago Mike and I had the opportunity to try out Hot Tubs Omarama.  New Zealand is experiencing Autumn changes at the moment -still sunny days but cooling evenings. Omarama is midway between Mount Cook and Wanaka, deep in the heartland of the South Island’s Mackenzie country and world-famous as a gliding destination.  

Omarama Hot Tubs

Jan and Lance Thomas created this New Zealand version of a Japanese onsen, building 8 private hot tubs, 2 wellness pods and a sauna, set in beautifully landscaped grounds filled with New Zealand natives .  To be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘soaking’ but Mike is, so I gave in and we agreed to give one of the private hot tubs a try after dinner. Lance led us down a path that wound its way through  mounds of carefully positioned rocks, boulders and plantings, to our tub, overlooking a small pond.  I really liked the fact that each tub is filled with fresh water -sourced from the nearby snow fields and glaciers – and cleaned and refilled after each use.  Used water is recycled, so no waste there! We were supplied with ice cold drinking water, shown how to control the temperature of the tub and left to it.  It was blissful, lying there, staring up at the darkening night sky. A perfect way to ease sore muscles, after tramping, skiing or any of the multitude of outdoor activities that New Zealand’s South Island is famous for. Although the landscaping is designed for visual privacy, just be aware that the main road runs adjacent and some of the tubs can be glimpsed from it -so if you are planning to skinny-dip -take a sarong while you climb in or risk hanging your bum out for the world to see!



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